Manly P. HallManly Palmer Hall (March 18, 1901 – August 29, 1990) was a Canadian-born author and mystic. He is perhaps most famous for his work The Secret Teachings of All Ages: An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy, which is widely regarded as his magnum opus, and which he published at the age of 25 (or 27, 1928)

He has been widely recognized as a leading scholar in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism, and the occult.

Carl Jung, when writing Psychology and Alchemy, borrowed material from Hall’s private collection.

In 1934, Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society (PRS) in Los Angeles, California, dedicating it to an idealistic approach to the solution of human problems. The PRS claims to be non-sectarian and entirely free from educational, political, or ecclesiastical control, and the Society’s programs stress the need for the integration of philosophy, religion, and science into one system of instruction. The PRS Library, a public facility devoted to source materials in obscure fields, has many rare and scarce items now impossible to obtain elsewhere.

In 1973 (47 years after writing The Secret Teachings of All Ages), Hall was recognized as a 33º Mason (the highest honor conferred by the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite), at a ceremony held at PRS on December 8th, despite never being initiated into the physical craft.

In his over 70-year career, Hall delivered approximately 8,000 lectures in the United States and abroad, authored over 150 books and essays, and wrote countless magazine articles.

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  1. muchas gracias, muy interesante, I have been studying this similar since the 70;s. besides Tom Robbins, most all Cayce, A. Watts, ‘Be Here Now’ Vonnegut, Sagan, ‘The Brotherhood of The Seven Rays’ I have also been in many many Mayan Ruins, since 70’s and studied their math, this will add to MY personal knowledge, however meditation as did The Buddha can also bring it one, easy to be in a monastery wrote ‘W. Somerset Maughn” anyway see you soon, I’m in El Salvador since 94, safe place to maybe survive, jaaaa Senor Pescador{.com}


  3. I rarely comment publicly but after reading some of these comments posted so recently I felt like contributing. I’m 25 years old and it’s very inspiring, that MPH had such an influence at an early age. I’ve been a seeker of truth and blessed with the beautiful gift of wisdom I prayed for in some of my earliest memories. Synchronicity has been a guiding gift and has brought me here and introduced me to many great teachings left behind by a man who passed just over 7 months before my journey begin.

  4. As a 46 year old 32 degree Master Mason and philosopher, I have about 100 of his books, booklets, and pamphlets. I have 7 of his DVDs, and about 75 of his CDs. I have traveled to the far East and collected many things. But my collection of MPH items are my most treasured items. I have over 700 books in my library but he is my favorite author and lecturer. Where else can anyone go to find a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in one place? MPH explains everything that I want to know about and a lot of topics I am not ready for yet. My life long goal is to collect everything he wrote and spoke for my personal growth and development and for the growth and development of those around me. And to ensure that this great man’s work last beyond the chaotic times of this generation.

  5. Hi, I would like to know if you guys would like a copy of the Complete Lecture Series of Manly P. Hall. I would like to help, in case anyone wants to have a copy.

  6. I would love and appreciately immensely a copy of the Complete Lecture Series of Manly P Hall!

  7. Johnpol B. Dizon, I would greatly appreciate if you can share a copy of the complete lecture series of Manly P Hall
    Thank you

  8. Dear mister Dizon, I’d heartily appreciate it if you would send me forth a copy of the complete lecture series of M.P. Hall as well. I’d love you for it, ha ha. Peace and many loving thanks in advance

  9. Would you care to suggest how much? Also, when you say complete, do you mean everything he ever spoke? Is there more than what we see here?? I would like to share it with groups of people followed up by discussion. I believe we need more than just the Internet to reach people. People need to get out of their little bubble environment.

  10. I have just recently heard of manly P Hall and I am very interested in reading his work. I have been a seeker all my life and I’m sure something led me to this place.

  11. Mr. Dizon, How would one get a copy of the transcripts you are offering and is it the complete series? I would very much appreciate that as many of the recordings are distorted and heard to hear. The material that M.P. Hall has collected has not only helped me on my path, answered numerous questions ( and subsequently led to ask numerous more) but others as well and I want to continue to share this wealth of knowledge with others who are seeking. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

  12. I still look for the answers to my awakening/gift. It started with an awakening and reading books, books not in the main stream, such as Mystic Masters of the Far East, Paramahansa Yogananda, meeting a man who became a dear friend who was a 3rd Degree Rosicrucian, and Edgar Cayce books, and later talking to and corresponding with his son Hugh Lynn Cayce. Finally my research led me to someone I identify my mentor although he has left the earth plane, I still consider Nicola Tesla one if not the most intelligent men of our time. Then pain was combined with the sound I had heard for over 3 years. I am the “Pioneer of Biological Earthquake Prediction ” and have been teaching others to identify the pains and sounds they too are experiencing and connect them as a precursor to earthquakes, volcanic and solar events. I have always been a seeker, my parents and by older brother and I all experienced a missing time event in 1949 when I was 2 years old.. so after a NDE and later a conversation with Ruth Montgomery, I began to understand what I might be doing and why. After nearly 40 years of making thousands of accurate predictions, and showing others how to interrupt their own bodies signals so they know when to leave an area, or what the flight or fight symptoms often indicate. The doctors and scientists who have done many tests with me coined this ability as ” The Charlotte King Effect. I have a free weekly email update all you need to do is subscribe.

  13. i would also love and much appreciate a copy of MPH’s lectures. thank you for making them available.

  14. greatly appreciated thank you so much . I would love and greatly appreciate a complete copy of the works of Manly Hall

  15. I have read much about MP. and as others will say it’s been great to do so and I believe alot will be drawn to his works.As my curiosity as led me into a vast ocean of knowledge I would like to thank all persons who made all this possible on the net.Bless you all.

  16. I would also like a copy please. Do let me know how to arrange for this. Thank you kindly. LD.

  17. hey there!
    I’m trying to contact someone at Manly’s estate. I wanted to use a portion of a talk he gave in part of a musical composition I made and I wanted to clear this with whomever is in charge of these materials. Is that you or can you direct me accordingly?

    Thank You!
    Christopher Hoffman

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