Astrotheology Lecture in Five Parts
Total Time 9:17:13

8 Comments to "Astrotheology"

  • Ross McD said:

    Is it possible to download the lectures onto a memory stick, so I can take them home to listen to? At the moment I can only access the internet in a local library , and they don’t allow c.d. burning.
    Thanks for the great site & any help you can offer on this.

    All the Best,

  • Adam J said:

    Right-click on the “Download” link on the file you choose and select “Save target as…”


  • Queen said:

    Does anyone ever visit this site anymore? Doubt this question will be answared to next year to prove my point. lol

  • Queen said:

    And, I love Halls lectures!

  • of Hearts said:

    I do :) just about to download the 5 parts in the 2nd part of Astrotheology

  • Alan said:

    Thanks for posting all this.

  • Fosu Christian said:

    Hi Max, I want to join your club and I don’t know how. Can you help me?

  • Glenn Harrison said:

    Hi there, would like to join please, if possible please send infomation
    Kind regards, Glenn

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