Astrotheology Part 1 of 5 – Zodiac and The Great Platonic Year

Astrotheology Part 1 of 5
Zodiac & The Great Platonic Year

Running Time 01:10:28

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  1. If you can please get in touch with me again, I have a complete set of ALL Manly Hall’s lecture albums digitized to MP3 format, and would like to see to it that you get copies.

  2. I’m definitely curious about all of those lecture albums, Jeff. I’d be very grateful if you could share them 🙂

  3. I have just found this site. It was mentioned by Alan Watt ,cuttinghroughthe matrix,…….this is a most fasinating find. Thankyou to whomever is keeping it going.

  4. I am so glad that the name Manly Palmer Hall is becoming more popular. For anyone seeking true Spirituality, that is, liberation from literalist, close-minded Religionism, Manly Hall has a powerful and beautiful message that inspires the Soul as much as it satisfies the mind. The next great faith of Mankind, if ever Humanity is to survive and work together for the benefit of all, instead of the benefit of the few, will come from the genius of people like Manly Hall. There are 387 lectures of his on my ipod and I never tire of them. Everyone should take the time to get to know this mans fabulous and heartwarming mind. He provides the answers so many Truth seekers are searching for, but not only that, he ties together the seemingly chaotic and paradoxical ideas of various religious Histories into a wonderful tapestry that seems to so naturally fit together. If you don’t know Mr. Hall, please get to! Peace to all!

  5. Jeff,

    Excellent work. Having read the secret history of all ages and the accompanying lectures, I’ve a thirst! Anyway you could send me the lectures… for some reason I can download them….

    Many thanks,


  6. Thanks for the the Truth the mind,can do so manifest realty to do for downs who seeks, seeks trust, is been doctrine in this fine web site it is my pleasure to than you four this Audio

  7. I just discovered this site. Manly’s lectures are indepth, and easily reseached to compare his facts. His lectures are thought provoking and enlighting. I am enjoying listening to his lectures.

  8. Monumental work. This website is amazing. Do you have the digital copies of his lectures for sale????

  9. I would love to know how to get more of Manley Hall’s lectures. I work with young men who are being raised by single mothers. To have such wisdom teachings such as this will support the nurturing of these sons in the 21st Century. Thank you so much for sharing this powerful teaching.

  10. The greatest occult researcher of all time. He left, in his will, all his research manuals to Jordan Maxwell, the best researcher since Mr. Hall.

  11. I know manly has done hunderds of lectures and I cant afford to purchase them 40 dollars a pop right now. If anyone can help me find them for free or for a more possible price, PLEASE let me know. I can promise I will not try to make a penney off Manly’s words. I just really want to know what’s going on in this world and I know Manly’s research can help me. Thank you for your consideration.

  12. Hello Manly P Hall researchers and Lovers,

    Where can I find these lectures cheper or free?

    Thank you all!


  13. hi jeff dont know you but I my self have been studying manly palmer for while. IS THERE ANYWAY YOU COULD SEND THOSE MY WAY TOO. I have manuscripts of other esoteric teachers if anyone on here would like to network materials heres me email…

  14. Hello! Many thanks to all who have worked to put material on this site. I’ve just begun to become familiar with Mr.Hall’s work. I am particularly impressed with the clarity and simplicity with which he conveys ideas, while others seem to become lost in some nebulous ideological theories. Having listened to only a few of Mr. Hall’s lectures so far, it has quickly become apparent to me that this fella is not just another academic or scholar. He is what is called an ascended mortal. Quite impressive actually, there aren’t too many like him. Quite refreshing indeed to see so many touched by him.

  15. Have listened to many of Manly P. Hall’s lectures. They have been the
    most uplifting talks with WISDOM & LOVE that feeds my soul. I recently
    heard a gentleman by the name of Jordan Maxwell say that he personally
    knew Manly Hall, and He Manly Hall, entrusted many of his personal
    work to him before he died. This statement just didn’t settle well with me,
    for Manly Hall had his own Center to do just that. Is there anyone out
    there who can support what Jordan said.? Manly Hall was an Adept
    a Seer who incarnated in this period of history. His series, America’s
    Destiny are extraordinary & J. Maxwell just does not exemplify Hall’s Wisdom in the radio shows a took time to listen, on the suggestion of
    another. Thank You!

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