Astrotheology Part 1 of 5 – Zodiac and The Great Platonic Year

Astrotheology Part 1 of 5
Zodiac & The Great Platonic Year

Running Time 01:10:28

28 Replies to “Astrotheology Part 1 of 5 – Zodiac and The Great Platonic Year”

  1. Jeff,

    How many audio files are available? Is there a list with all of Manly P Hall’s audio lectures?

    I have a number of his lectures on my computer, but none of the Astrotheology.

    Thanks for your time.

    John Burns
    UMOJA Research

  2. I am delighted to find these precious lectures by Manly P hall, and would be most grateful for your offer if it is still available.
    Thank you indeed for your effort and may you be blest.

    Zerda Barlow

  3. Hello sir, Thank you for this audio tape, we are all gratefull for this teaching. I wish to obtain more audio or Mp3 version aswell. And is there some lecture about Africa?

  4. Hello I’m New Herr. I believe I was brought here by my spirit guide to further my quest I would love to have them MP3 audios of his lectures . it would be awesome igneous could if not I thank you so much I truly believe this is Devine and I thank my guides and my ancestors for getting me to this point .. Again Thank Youb

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