Astrotheology Part 2 of 5 – Astrology and the Universal Cosmology

Astrotheology Part 2 of 5
Astrology and the Universal Cosmology

Running Time 01:14:33

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  1. A number key facts seem to be missing for the Audio file on the Zodiac / Astrology the Universal Cosmology. Like the fact that the Babylonians completed chance the meaning of all the Zodiac.

    I there other infromation on this by Manly p Hall?

  2. We wonder why this world is so toxic with such bigotry as with a couple of people with a beam in their eyes…well I will say you wish to ridicule a man such as manly g hall…Live in your dogma and illusions… The only evil in this world is such people as you with your bigotries. Who believe in the truth such as Manly G Hall has great knowledge and the divine love of truth…..UNIVERSAL TRUTHS tHANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR FATHERS INSIGHTS…

  3. Hello! Great website. I’m just beginning to familiarize myself with the works of this fella. He seems to have a knack for simplicity and a clarity that others who write on these subjects lack. No mysteries or omissions just straight truth.
    Thanks for keeping this site up

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  13. The nerve of some people to post car insurance advertisements on a site such as this. It is not only irreverant, but just cheap, transparent and self-serving, in a marked contrast to that of the benevolent generosity of Manly P Hall.
    I have half a mind to contact them at their sites given and let them know just what I think of such a lack of taste and decorum.
    These people are scheisters if you ask me, and I would not trust them for an instant.

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