The Solar Christmas Part 1

The Solar Christmas Part 1
Running time 42:53

17 thoughts on “The Solar Christmas Part 1

  1. Remarkable, I am looking forward for a more meaningful relation with Philosophical Research Society in Los Angles as well as the Theosophical Society in near future.

  2. Peace Profound Cosmic Communion constitutes in itself an important cosmic experience, as it allows us to harmonize with the higher levels of the universal mind and to receive it’s spiritual influx. it may last few minutes even seconds or last several hours.

  3. Symbolism is the key and literalism is in the Stars. They harmonize and the macro teaches the micro to change itself to be the greater.. as above, so below… as below so above.

  4. Hello All,
    I am doing a research paper and could use some assistence.
    One of my former teachers Dr Robert Gerard isntructed me over the years with stories of Oscar Brunler and ‘Brain Radiation.’
    LA witer , a Mr SAHAGUN has written the following below.
    I was wondering if anybody on this discussion group might have any more info to contribute or migh possibly have had some experience with being tested for BR or with DR Gerard or Oscar Brunler.
    thank you
    ADam DeFranco


    SAHAGUN says Chapter 5 “Good Vibrations” P.160:

    “The Halls were close friends of Oscar Brunler, an amiable physician and Rosicrucian chemist who lived a few miles west at the top of a steep flight of stairs on Queens Way off Sunset Boulevard. Brunler was noted for having invented a special torch used in underwater demolition work during WWII. But the Hall were interested in his “brain scale,” a mechanism roughly the size and shape of a shoebox that he said produced a numerical value for the frequency of the “di-electric radiation” vibrations streaming out of a person’s brain, or off their artwork, or handwriting.

    “Brunler believed that a person’s handwriting that a person’s handwriting could be measured for levels of “brain radiation” with his biometer. This was because, he said, eyes focus such energies on the moving pen or pencil during the act of writing. People with the greatest mental capacity, he determined through the experimentation, also showed the highest frequency of vibrations Writing samples could only be tested with the biometer if they were rendered with a fountain pen if they were rendered with a fountain pen. Ballpoint pens, which were becoming popular in the early 1950s, were useless, Brunler said. Hall, who had been collecting the signatures of occultists and influential leaders in science, literature, business and religion for decades, provided Brunler with lots of material for testing.

    “In his promotional literature, Brunler claimed his “discovery of the di-electric radiation and its application to the mind of man is proving to be one of the epoch-making discoveries of the Twentieth Century,” and that he had measured the brain radiation of “20,000 men, women, and children from the common laborer to the outstanding personalities in all walks of life.” Brunler held that most people registered below 300 on his brain scale. Hall’s biometric reading of about 450 was in the vicinity of Einstein’s and Tolstoy’s, Brunler concluded, but about 200 points below Madame Blavatsky’s and Michelangelo’s. Brunler rated himself at 792, 12 points higher than Leonardo Da Vinci.

    “In his book ‘Rays and Radiation’, Brunler tried to explain the dynamics of the peculiar radiation, which he said “no instruments used by orthodox science can measure. “The radiation of our mind is di-electric radiation,” he said. “Our mind is a condensation of the all-pervading energy. Mind is not matter, but it is energy at its first stage of condensation. Mind is composed therefore of neutrons and the radiation of our minds is the radiation of the neutrons. The wave length of the radiation indicates the energy condensation of the neutrons.”

    “Brunler’s peers included a mutual friend of his nd Hall’s, Ruth B. Drown, a masculine-looking specialist in bone diseases who was being closely watched by American Medical Association investigators. Drown’s method was to transmit shortwave “healing rays” over long distances from a “broadcasting room” in Los Angeles. Drown also used a “radio-vision instrument” to to analyze the radiation flowing off dried drops of a patients blood on blotter paper and then draw conclusions about his or her health.

    “In her book ‘The Theory and Technique of Drown Radio Therapy and Radio-vision Instruments, she explained the system this way. “When placed on a blotter, the blood is crystallized, even as ice is crystalized steam, and each small atom is the precipitated crystallized end of an invisible line which reaches out to the ethers,” she writes. “This invisible line passes through the body over the nerves and through the blood vessels and the electrons from the air, water and earth supply the body structure, attaching themselves to that line, which holds the pattern of the body.”

    “Medical authorities believed Drown was an outright fraud, or insane. But some metaphysicians regarded her a medical genius. Among them was one of Hall’s close friends, Dr. Robert Gerard, who served as chief of intelligence for psychological warfare under General Dwight D. Eisenhower during World War II and later headed the PsychophysiologicalResearchLaboratory at the Veterans Administration Neuropsychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles. “Ruth Drown was a brilliant woman who was psychologically crucified by the state,” Gerard said. “When you use machines that are more advance than what science believes, you will be accused of being a quack.”

    “Gerard, a longtime PRS trustee, was also a devotee of Brunler, who died in 1952, and among five people trained to use his “biometer.” The others included a college counselor, a head of personnel for a large corporation, and a physician, Gerard said.

    Leaning back in a comfortable armchair in his Brentwood living room, Gerard reveled in the memories of the 1950s and 1960s. “I got my Ph.D. in clinical psychology at UCLA in 1958. It would have been denied had they known I studied Blavatsky. At UCLA, I was known as a great scholar and hardcore scientist.” “Brunler” he added, “thought I was a virtuoso occultist who could measure a person’s energy fields simply by looking at them. “Before Brunler died, I told him that I could get biometric results without using his machine, which was empty except for nylon strings,” Gerard recalled. “i had discovered that one’s very soul knows what another’s measurement is. Brunler took my hand and said, ‘So you have discovered the secret. Please keep it to yourself. Some people need black boxes in order to believe.’ I said, ‘Dr. Brunler, it shall remain a secret.”

    Most of what SAHAGUN says is true. But he gets the radiations of Leonardo and Brunler wrong. He seems to be skeptical of radiesthetic and telesthetic technique. The following list comes from radiations taken by Brunler and given to Arthur Young to copy at the time c.1950.

    Manly Hall 438
    Marie Hall 497
    Oscar Brunler 640
    Leonardo 725
    Einstein 469
    Tolstoy 422
    Blavatsky 660
    Michelangelo 688
    Ruth Drown 650
    Bob Gerard 416
    Eisenhower 492

  5. I hope my post made it into the discussion system so if anyone has the chscne to foward me a note it would be greatly appreciated.
    ADam D

  6. I was tested by Robert Gerard in late August 1996. I was instructed by Dr Gerard in the use of the brain radiation scale of Oscar Brunler.

    I last spoke with Robert the week before last. He will turn 93 on 6 August 2010.


  7. Hello there . . .

    Just dropping by to say how much I adore Dr. Brunler’s ideas. The Balancing Program ( utilizes his brain radiation theory when measuring individuals who start their pilot program. Additionally I worked up a Biometric / IQ Ready Reckoner chart which correlates Brunler’s biometric degrees with traditiona IQ ratings. My chart can be found at the Mysterium Society web page under Articles: Kudos on keeping the wisdom of Dr. Brunler alive and well!

  8. Dear Mastaru, Thanks. The learned Professor was in the unveirsity at the same time when I was there as a lecturer in Economics. He used to live in a house next to the Erskin college. One day at the request of P>V>G>Rau, who had a house just outside the unveirsity and whom I used to know well,requested me to take him to the Swamiji. We spent a whole afternoon with him during which he explained how he came into Physics. At the time he was engaged in meditation at Haridwar he had no initiation into the subject at all. All those formulas came into his mind like a stream of consciousness and he wrote them down. Later they came to the notice of a visiting German Professor who knew their worth and Prompyly sugeested that the swamiji should go to zermany and get formal education. The rest is as you described. He lost the use of one leg because of years of standing in cold Ganges for hours. He did not wear safforn robes at all. On the other hand , he wore good silk kurtas and lungis. The Vice chancellor who had the good judgement of bringing him to the A.u. was V.S.Krishna. One of my contemporaries, K.V.Reddy Naidu, son of K>V> Gopalaswamy ,then Registrar of the unveirsity later joined the department and gave leadership to it for several years. Premchand

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  14. From the early 1980’s to present, I have been researching brain radiation through the readings of Dr. Oscar Brunler and Joseph H. Cater. Just now I have been looking on the web for anybody who has replicated the work of Dr. Brunler and so far you have come the closest which I can commend you for. By the way, have you heard of Priscilla Dewey ?

    She worked under Oscar Brunler and his wife Dr. Grace Calver Brunler. She lived in Glendale, California until around 2008. I continually tried looking her up and NO results. Also puzzled that she no longer practices giving readings on the Biometer and that after her retirement that she would have taken in someone qualified to continue the practice. She published a bulletin called Brain Radiants, A Key to Understanding Yourself and Others.

    I had a reading done by her in 1997. Right now, I am not at liberty to give my exact brain radiation reading.

    Would very much appreciate you response.

  15. Hi Allen, by my research Priscilla Dewey passed away in 2011. I knew her from 1986 to 1998, and was interested in her application of Brunler’s work. I do not know of anyone who has replicated Brunler’s work, or who carries it on. Do you have any of Brunler’s original writings?

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