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  1. I know someone who has one of the original 550 printed copies (numbered inside the front cover as such). It is a very large and colorful book. Anyone know what the value of it is? If you do, please email me at caulleyl@bellsouth.net

  2. Do you know anyone or anywhere that I could find information on a manuscript
    that I have in my possession.
    Manuscript series
    number thirty- two
    Facts and Fancies of Civilization
    Manly p hall
    Only 150 copies copies prepared
    dated 1924
    Thanks for your time in advance
    Dennis Mueller

  3. Jordan Maxwell should NOT use Manly P. Hall’s site for any of his work & problems. This is UNETHICAL Jordan!

  4. Jordan Maxwell should NOT use this website for any ref. of his personal work or problems. This is UNETHICAL ! All should be removed.

  5. Luv: This is no place to be airing your petty grievances against “another legend” Jordan Maxwell. Take it up with him. As I see it, all people should be reading and referencing this site as often as possible.
    In fact, it is suspicious that you are so inflamed that you would post it twice! I think YOU should be removed!
    It is also interesting that very few people are brave enough to use their full names when posting their cowardly insults toward great humans merely trying to impart hidden knowledge and wisdom to the rest of humanity, exactly as the brilliant Manly P Hall has done..

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