Love of Truth

Manly Palmer Hall
Love of Truth
Running time 66 minutes

This great lecture begins with the 5th century Christian philosopher Boethius, alone in his prison awaiting death. There in his cell, a beautiful woman adorned in radiant clothing introduces Herself as Truth, come to be with him the rest of his life. Mr. Hall tells us how we too can commit ourselves to Truth, an infinite being, how Truth will come to us and we are never left alone.

Love of Truth

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  1. Can someone please explain to me what the hell this means? I don’t get how people can take this seriously for a second, yet the most powerful people on Earth seem to endlessly propagate the most absurd things. This video in particular, Manly P. Hall says that emotions are not things but beings, and this is ancient wisdom. What sort of action is this supposed to prompt of us? He says that a lady “Truth” actually appeared to Boethius. Has “Truth”, or any other deity, ever appeared to Mr. Hall? How did Boethius “serve” Truth? What are we supposed to take away from listening to this endless drivel? It doesn’t seem to have any meaning or practical application. Surely the person who posted this video thinks it has some value and could tell me why. I’m so confused.

  2. Jared

    Thanks – I have had thought likes you do now about the subjects he covered – it appears – and had no idea what any of this meant years ago.

    When he begins referencing ‘truth’ as a female personification and as a being, he may likely be referring to Sophia – who could be considered the ‘goddess’ of wisdom and truth.

    To me, the video gave me a sense of value and understanding. You don’t appear to have the same experience. This stated, it would do little good for me to point out any more than what I have already written.

    Good luck on your own path – atleast you watched a video about another point of view, that’s a great start.


  3. Jared, It is a story that uses symbolism. In this cell, as he sat alone, he would not have had the chance to write down this story or have it witnessed by another person. Keep up with your questions and your studies.

  4. There are very few individuals on this site who understand the purpose of this man’s spirit and wisdom. This is sad. Many who leave comments here really don’t have any other reason to be here than to preach a misguided thought of what Mr. Hall stood for, or a passion to view him as a celebrity instead of a scholar. There are no philosophers like him today, they have all become extinct; and the few who are “similar” keep quiet or are so overshadowed by the world around us that the fade before the get out of the starting box. I came here to learn, to listen, and to teach. I have known in my life philosophers that speak as Hall does and I have come to continue this education. So for those who are here to advertise or smack down another philosopher with their ideas of mind control, please stop. Unless you open your eyes and learn which teachers you should really follow, you will be nothing more than a mindless sheep, being lead to the slaughter by the shepherd, while the wolf stands by and shakes his head in shame wishing he could have saved you if only you listened. I miss wisdom. I miss philosophers like Hall. I realize that one day my teachers will die with only the hope that the wisdom they gave me will be passed on. I hope they aren’t let down. Thank you Mr. Hall, thank you for being the guiding spirit of humanity. Thank you for feeling the same philosophies I do and for “seeing.” And thank you, if only because no one else on this site wants to. It’s a shame that the only people who view these videos or read this site are representing the very things that Hall despised. I am surrounded daily by those who do not understand even those in my own house have become poisoned by this tasteless soup of media and lies. I miss wisdom and those like Hall, I wish I had known him. Goodnight Master, see you in the next life.

  5. In the early nineties, i had three near death experiences. Many have had such events in their lives, they were life changing and very interesting. During one of them i went through what is commonly described as a judgment. It is quite the opposite i describe it as accountability to ONESELF in the absolute. I suppose i should explain the absolute. It is dark but it contains truth, not subjective but absolute, whilst in it i knew i could ask it anything but i also knew if i did my mind could never be the same. You were then given the movie of the life you lead. In this presences of the absolute truth and during the accountability to oneself I knew that if regret was felt I would need another life once this current one was finished, this process was repeated in which an easier life was shown, if i desired that over my life i would also have to come back.
    Then i was given the perfect life. i suppose you could call it the creators path and if you preferred that you also would have failed . Since that event I have had difficulty communicating the idea that truth is conscious and surrounds us

    The above video explains everything which i experienced, an all pervading truth of the creations consciousness ( The Creator, God)

    I wept whilst i watched such a great man speaking


  6. I cant get enough of this man’s lectures. Anyone know where i can download more of his lectures in mp3?


  7. There is no rational way to understand this. Trying to will frustrate you to no end. “It (Truth) is the triumph of faith over fear” is a line that I dwell on.

  8. Truth throughout the ages has been called sophia by the Gnostics , but also the gods of justice and liberty just like the statue of liberty, all of them seem as women I think somewhere in the bible I’m sure of it , I read were it also speaks of truth as a woman deity or being. Mr Hall and Joeseph Campbell are the best historical and legendary esoteric teachers of our time. Changed my life to listen to them should be taught to elementary and junior high children , we would have a better world and the kids could not be fooled by the same old tricks of evil in this earth that are played in cycles by bad people again and again.

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